WarmRainyDay Jewelry

Using sustainable materials, a tiny space and my hands I build personal gifts that brings us joy. Keepsake pieces of work that is quality made to have lasting value for it's owner. Jewelry is personal, it allows us to express our values, our heart and our love. I create each piece uniquely to make others smile. I thrive off of the amazement and the compliments but I am ok with that.

  • Copper

    This metal was the first to be smelted from its ore (around 5000 BC), the first to be cast into a shape with a mould (around 4000 BC) and the first to be alloyed with tin to create bronze (around 3500 BC).

  • Silver

    Silver has been used for thousands of years in different civilizations for decorating, tools, medicine, business and the monetary system. During the Antiquity, silver was mentioned in the book of Genesis and was always linked to religious objects since the beginnings of humanity. Silver is also mentioned in the New Testament when Juda received 30 silver coins to betray Jesus.

  • Cabachon

    Cabochons are usually cut from a gemstone slice or other materials using a calibrated stencil template or in freeform shapes. They are then ground into shape using grinding disks or belts coated with silicone carbide or diamond dust. The artists that hand works cabs is called a lapidary artist.