I am going for it in 2018 - WarmRainyDay

I am going for it in 2018

Here I sit on December 31st of 2017, as I have for two days previously, figuring out how to set this sit up.  Although I had rather be designing a new piece of jewelry, I have to say it has been interesting.  It is quite refreshing to be doing something that I used to do every day all day and that is sit in front of a computer.  The family is all still home for the holidays so getting anything done that counts to anybody is a hit and miss.  I do believe that I have the most challenging things working now, oh joyful noise inserted here.  Tomorrow is New Year's day and it will be 2018!  I am anxious and nervous, yet I am excited and happy to finally have a resolution to unemployment situation.  I will be working toward building up my customer base for my jewelry designing passion and I am eager to get started!  Happy New Year.  Be safe, be happy, be blessed.