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Peanut the Jewelry Assistant

I am still adding items to the store page.  It is quite a task all at one time but I will get it.  I figure out more every day.  I cannot keep up with all that I need to get done right now.  I am excited to make pieces using new techniques that I have learned.  I have sold most of the latest pieces that I have made during Christmas.  I have a lot of inventory since most of my art festivals were washed out by massive rain last year.  I wish I had more time!  My days go by so fast and I cannot get everything done around here.  The youngest daughter, brought home a puppy, a puppy I did not want.  I did not want to have to take the time out raising a puppy, training and cleaning up after him, but now I have spoiled him.  He is precious, he loves my attention and just like a two year old does not want me to do anything but play with him or hold him.  He stands on my foot and whines!  Oh well, my furbabies are my company.  Actually, I prefer animals.  I just wish I didn't have to sleep so I could get more done.  I did manage to organize my stones today, and even clean out a drawer to put new tools in that I actually use.  That is progress!  Maybe the puppy will sleep by himself and let me try out my new brain storm from my dream.