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Copper Hair Jewelry, Hair Accessory, Hair Pin| WRD

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This Hair pin is one of my handmade hair Accessories, yours will come to you with slight variations.  Being a Master Cosmetologist the creation of this line is bringing me joy. 

It comes in small or large.  If you do not have thicker hair, get the small size.  The small size is a great addition to a formal updo style.  The large size will hold a significant amount of hair.  

To use, place the circle on the head, then use the pin to scoop up the through the middle, then secure it by passing over the top of the circle on the opposite side.  You can also use it "backwards" showing the length of the pin.  There are many ways to use these.  With you or your stylist imagination the ways to use it are limitless.  

100% pure copper.  I age the copper, clean it to a nice shiny color.  Then I seal it with liquor to keep it beautiful.  You can clean it if needed by using a toothbrush and toothpaste.  

If you are a salon or retailer, interested in buying in small lots for your store I offer these on my wholesale store at

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