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Wholesale Copper Bangle Collection with Display |WRD

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You can purchase this larger display with bracelets at the wholesale price here.  I will ship it within one week.  

You can also find me on the wholesale marketplace called fair.  This is my direct link: go to for retailers. 

 I sell these bracelets in the salon every day. My handmade copper bracelets sale well. They are getting great reviews on originality, workmanship and quality.

Includes a collection of my best-selling copper bracelets in the most popular sizes.
Seven of the 8-gauge bangles-$52.50
Four "Kindness" bangles-$60
Three cross tension bracelets-$60
Three cuffs-$45
Ikea Display that I modify to fit my brand. Three round bracelet holders and one shelf on top. The footprint is 10" wide, and aprox, 20" tall. $40
Retail value: $354