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  • Men's Fire Painted Copper Bracelet - WarmRainyDay
  • Men's Fire Painted Copper Bracelet - WarmRainyDay
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Unisex Fire Painted Copper Bracelet Cuff |WRD

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Men and women love these because for the copper properties and the style.  The fire from the torch gives these cuffs a beautiful color.  They are made from pure copper tubing so they have nice comfortable rounded corners.  At less than one half inch wide, they are flattened, stamped and fire painted.  Each one is handmade so allow for some variation.  

To wear slide onto the side of your wrist through the opening.  Once on, you can push the soft metal as tight as you like onto your wrist or arm.   

These are 8" long.  They will fit differently depending on your wrist size.